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"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana" - Groucho Marx

Ha! Has it really been a year since our last post?!? Omg, the Keeper in the Sky of the Great Wheel Of Time is surely relentless, so let's enjoy a bit of an update from the ER encampment, positioned just outside Baldur's Gate, approximately 10 leagues away. Rest assured, we have not been standing idle; rehearsals having gone well into the fall of last year. Having brushed with bumps in the byway while heading into the recording process, we slashed and sliced our way through these obstacles and found ourselves alive and well, furiously laying down tracks this summer as time permits (damn, there's that word again!). So, as I inscribe these words into our tome, I can tell you that most of our rhythm tracks have been completed! For a taste, go to our music tab where I have uploaded some brief videos (for you audiophiles, turn your bass way down, these were pulled from a cell phone mic snatching the audio from monitors and the audio is quite "boomy". Regardless, you'll get the idea). Bass recordings and most of the lead guitars are expected to be done by August/September - then we'll add drums, vox, and color/dynamics before we load the entire flaming orb into a trebuchet, and launch it off to our senior engineer for a master mix! 

Today's update has been inspired by an awesome band out of CA called Gygax...their new album High Fantasy having just dropped. Don't take this stuff too seriously folks, they create fun metal for fun's sake...and if you don't get the reference(s) through the band's name, you risk your soul being eternally condemned to Baator! 

I promise all you Reignheadz that updates will be coming more frequently, so stay tuned!


Good morning mosh-mates! A quick update on our progress in the Reign realm. We are about halfway through rehearsals with more to take place later today (sans our lead guitarist - more on that in a bit). Rehearsals our proceeding rather quickly and we should be ready to get into the recording rooms by August/September. As for the actual recordings, it looks like we have found a producer and studio to beset with our brand of metal borne brutality! I believe a few logistics have yet to be sorted out so I'll reserve further divulgence on this subject until things are locked and loaded. In other related news, the cover art as yet to be broached but our drummer is copping the captain's hat in this area; including the layout of the booklet, disc, and other tangibles building toward the promotion of the new album. We look forward to seeing what he comes up with! Also, although updates of been somewhat scant, you can expect an increase in frequency of posts once we get into the studio. In the meantime, we are working on getting some rehearsal videos loaded to whet your appetites, so check back often! Finally, today is our guitarist Mr Kevin Asgaard's big day as he pledges his troth to his lovely new wife Victoria (and she to him), in Hawaii no less! Go listen to Ever Dream by Nightwish in honor of their conjugation - congrats!



Good evening fellow metalheads - being Mom's Day and all, I'd advise you all to revisit the classic Danzig song "Mother", maybe even play it for her while ripping into the heart of the day's culinary creation...hopefully rare! A quick update on the ever-winding trek toward bringing our fourth album to light of, dark of night! It has been a long year of intense writing (essentially since last summer but the bones of a handful of the tunes had begun their assembly several months prior) and I am happy to say that as of last friday we have completed this arduous task. Sure, we need to add some grimy "color" to a few areas here and there but for all intents and purposes our prose lies possessed of toil and turmoil within dozens of sketched notes, addendums, and whiteboard waxations. Yes, after finishing our 10 minute-plus epic Ashes of War ( title leaked!) this past Friday evening the writing phase is complete! For the summer we intend to rehearse (and rehearse...and rehearse) as life, time, and family allow before entering the studio this fall. Our recording venue, funds, and producer(s) have yet to be worked out but we are making it our goal to get this burned into every medium available for release before year's end! Stay tuned for more updates, news, and nosh in the approaching weeks! One final note, some of you may have noticed that our June 30th show has been removed as a forced cancellation was necessary. You see, our guitarist Kevin Asgaard has decided to get married in HI and it just so happnes the date they had to pick is during that weekend! So our congrats go out to him and his fiancee!



Welcome to Endangered Reign's new  official website! Yes, after years of kicking and fussing in the dark, dank recesses of our collective braintrust, we've finally found someone to entrust with the idea of dragging these time-beleaguered thoughts out of our cellared synapses and into the light of day! So a huge thank you goes out to Sharon, for pushing our measure-and-clef-obsessed selves into the current bits and bytes world we spend much of our days residing in...only now we have a home to spill the beats! So, "why now?", and "what next?" you ask? Well, after 8 years since our last release wouldn't you think its about damned time for some new metal? C'mon...what have we been waiting for? Well, life gets in the way, along with a million minions, as well as searches for band members...drummers/guitarists to be sure. But we're happy to report that today we have solidified the lineup and are working feverishly and furiously writing our new cd. We expect it to be 10 or 11 tracks in length and have 9 songs completely written! So yeah, getting very close to closing the door on the writing phase and moving these long-simmering tomes into the recording studio and onto tape (yeah, old-school reference but I'm using it!). So our plan as it stands today is to begin recording ere summer's end, and get this new release out before the end of the year. We have a few working titles but the final name has yet to be settled upon, so more news on that front in the near future. We can assure you that we've upped our game considerably for the new album (yes, another purposeful old-school allusion!), and the songs are incisive, decisive, and blistering when needed! So stay tuned fellow metallers, ER is coming back with a vengeance!


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