2010 - Fractured Reality reviews:

“8.5/10 - Most of the tracks presented are a kick in the face. With touches of groove, palm muted blowouts, which whoever adores chunky heaviness will fall in love with, and a bit of complexion, this one kills. Fractured Reality is what modern Metal should be all about, fracturing the realities of the genre into several possibilities to experience. Endangered Reign should be acknowledged for releasing this one. Who knows, maybe they will eventually.” 

Metal Express Radio


“7.5/10 - Just good old fashioned heavy guitar work that gets somewhat busy, some technical solos that largely follow the Jeff Loomis standard of flashy yet brief, and a solid rhythm section with a vocalist that is somewhat reminiscent of present day Russell Allen work. I don’t have any basis to compare this to the band’s previous works as I have yet to hear them, but with regards to recent output by EVERGREY and ICED EARTH, this would be a better investment of your time and money than said projects at present.” 

Metal Observer


“The sound is heavy enough to pull in my attention right away yet they are not afraid to blend in some melodies as well. Plus they are quite good at making the melodies work with their metal edges. On several occasions they really impressed me with some stunning main riffs. What I liked most about them was their consistancy and their focus.” 

Heavy Metal Time Machine


“8/10 - issue 279 in german only....” 

Rock Hard Germany